It everything started in Segovia, where I was born. As a result of an emergent interest in the music and the impetus of my family, I had my first contact with the percussion. The folk music group of my neighbourhood, *Los Pako's*, and the traditional drum marked my beginnings as a music student. As my interest continued, I started to engage with the percussion in the Professional Conservatory of Music of Segovia. The next step was to study in the Advanced Conservatory of Music of Castille and Leon under the chair of Tomás Martín (assistant of solo in the Symphony Orchestra of Castille and Leon) and to finish the Advanced Grade in 2016 with the highest marks and with the Extraordinary End of Degree award. In the orchestral area, I had the opportunity of joining in the *JOBASCYL* and the *JOSCYL*, the Symphony Orchestra of the advanced Conservatory of Music of Castille and Leon, in the HfM-Detmold Orchestra,*European Classical Orchestra* and in the Symphony Orchestra of Castille and Leon. Moreover, I have recently joined in the Detmolder Kammer Orchestra and the Symphonische Orchester des Landestheraters in Detmold. Besides, in the contemporary music realm, I was lucky to work with the contemporary music assembling TaCos of the *COSCyL* directed by Alberto Rosado, with the ensemble Earquake with Andrey Doynikov in Detmold. Finally, I fortunately worked with the Musica Assoluta in Hannover under the direction of Thorsten Encke. Competing in the *Killas* trio, I won the first prize in the contest organised by Caja Segovia in the chamber music modality in 2010. I have received advises and aids from some teachers known worldwide for being the best ones, as Gratiniano Murcia, Lorenzo Ferrándiz or Nick Woud. I have also enjoyed the teaching as an active professor in percussion workshops as *Percucyl* in 2017. I have studied a year in the Hochschule für Musik-Detmold in Germany as an Erasmus student with the teachers Fumito Nunoya, Sven Polkötter, Dominique Vleeshouwers and Antonio Ruiz Giménez among others. Currently, I am studying a Master in percussion soloist interpretation in the Hochschule für Musik-Detmold under the lectureship of the Professor Peter Prommel.

Alfonso Matesanz Vírseda


There are not words to express what happened last 30 December.

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Dear Alborada Musical: Finally I can disclose the most desired post after the great experience of this summer...

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This weekend we were in Hannover with the ensemble Musica Assoluta. Two concerts in wich we mixed theatre and music to the youngest people who were with us. It was a gratifying experience!


Advises are always well received, and better when they are received from a well-known, experienced and successful person, but, overall, from a person who has a great excitement to help. This is the reason why I deceided to take a further step so as to continue with this passion. This is the result. We will be updating...



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